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Our Services

When do you need our help?
When Time2market is getting bigger with each release
When the deadlines are always missed and you can’t plan your working hours
When you have a long product queue and the releases are always postponed due to lack of load preparedness or bug reports
When the cost of infrastructure and personnel is growing
When there is no trust and understanding between business department and IT
When the amount of bugs is growing
When you have to reject the features because of the huge production time estimates
We know what to do!

We are going to find out your particular needs and discuss your point of view on the issues. We will define the priorities and analyze your abilities together.


We will make a full check-up considering

  • Infrastructure: CI/CD, servers and virtual machines, network, operation system settings, databases etc.
  • Architecture and code-base review
  • Tech teams working process; developers and business department relations; tasks statement and assessment

At the end you will get

  • Clear view on the problem and its influence on certain priorities
  • List of recommendations on how to build up processes, refactor systems and change architecture. We will also show you how this changes are going to effect your priorities

We can also help you with

  • Master-classes on soft-skills and growing leaders in teams
  • Master-classes on conflict management between business and IT
  • Master-classes on hard-skills development in your team (asynchronous programming, working with database etc.)
  • Building up architecture in accordance with your tasks
  • Changing stack (or its parts) for your projects

It you need help with something else we haven’t mentioned here, contact us.