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New courses announcements

Aleksandra Shalamova
10-13-2020 18:00
New courses announcements
We have a lot of ideas about what knowledge we can give our users. Therefore, we are launching two announcements for our future courses that we are already preparing for you: "Agile in practice" and "Crisis management".
"Agile in practice" course for those who want not only to know the theoretical foundations of Agile, but also to be able to apply them in practice in a variety of situations.
"Crisis management" for those who want to learn how to manage a team and a project in a crisis situation. If there are constant conflicts in your team, the number of bugs is growing faster than can be fixed, and deadlines are constantly being missed, then our course will help you take your team out of the crisis and set up effective and high-quality work, which invariably produces excellent results!
Subscribe to not miss the launch of "Agile in practice" and "Crisis management" courses and don't miss the chance to buy them at a discount! By the number of subscriptions to a particular course, we will understand how interesting it is to you and will release it faster than others.
If you have any questions or comments, you can use the feedback form to contact us:


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