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"How to handle burnout" course

₽ 12,990
How to handle burnout
In conditions of an acute shortage of specialists, it is more important than ever not to let your team burn out. If the leader fails to cope with his and the subordinates' burnout, it can result in:
  • decrease in productivity;
  • errors fatal for the project;
  • negative mood and conflicts in the team;
  • missed deadlines;
  • transfers to other teams and dismissals;
  • the project's quality and reputation suffer;
  • the leader's authority is undermined.
Having learnt to anticipate, prevent, and manage the staff's and your own burnout in time, you will always maintain your team's performance level, get through difficult releases with minimal losses for the team. You will avert high turnover in your department and establish your reputation as a good leader capable of handling complex projects.
Our course "How to handle burnout" will help you achieve this. Here are some of the most important topics that we will cover:
  • how to identify burnout;
  • how to organize work with people to reduce the chances of team burnout;
  • how to quickly identify the people at risk of burnout in order to help them as early as possible;
  • the common situations that lead to burnout;
  • how to minimize potential risks to the team in the conditions leading to burnout;
  • how to help subordinates who find themselves in a difficult emotional state;
  • how to keep a productive and satisfied employee in your department;
  • how to deal with your burnout.
The "How to deal with burnout" course is suitable for any business leader willing to learn about burnout in the workplace. You will also learn from the experience of managers, their colleagues, and subordinates.




Burnout Signs Checklist

Physical exhaustion and how to deal with it

The leader's burnout

Change of perception

Burnout Checklist

Employee's burnout

Employee Burnout Checklist for Manager

Remote work and burnout


Learn with the best

Aleksandra Shalamova

Founder, author, illustrator and developer
Experience: more than 10 years in IT.
Worked at Yandex, HeadHunter, Lazada, Avito.

Maria Maleeva

Author, language assistant, external consultant.
Experience: more than 5 years in IT and 3 years in IT HR.
Currently working at PJSC “VTB”.
Previous work experience includes DomClick, Cognitive Technologies and Policy Media Project (LSE).

Maxim Shalamov

External Consultant
Experience: more than 10 years in IT and 6 years in managing position.
Currently working as Executive Director at PJSC “Sberbank”.
Previous work experience includes working at startups and major companies such as Rambler&Co and Sberbank.

Eugeny Golovachev

External Consultant
Currently working as Projects Management Director at PJSC “VTB”.
Previous work experience includes managing support and IT departments at “Home Credit” Bank, “MDM” Bank, “Otkritie” Bank, PJSC “Sberbank” and DomClick


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