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Team Lead: basics

Team Lead: basics
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In our “Team Lead: basics” course we are going to look into the core of what it takes to be a good Team Lead. We will tell you how to start working with people, what you should keep in mind and dive deeply into the most common cases a Team Lead faces.
Who is this course for?
  • The course is for junior Team Leads who are just starting their career. We are going to tell you how to start working with people and what one should pay attention to from the very beginning. If you use this course as a base at work, it will give you an advantage in terms of your whole department efficiency. It will also make a good start in your relationships with subordinates.
  • Current Team Leads. If you are already a Team Lead, this course is going to help you to order your people management knowledge. We will give you an example of how team management can be performed so you could make amendments in your work and adopt the best practices.
  • This course is also essential for those who are planning on growing to the position of Team Lead. You are going to find out what is expected of you at this role and learn the theoretic part. This will help you to make less mistakes in the future and adapt quickly. Moreover, implementing all that knowledge will show your boss that you are ready to become a Team Lead.
  • Lead Developers and informal leaders. If you are not an official Team Lead but a small group leader, you will need to organize and lead this group. So the techniques described here are going to be of use.
  • Tech specialists. Even if you are not planning on growing towards people management, it is still nice to know this stuff. It is really useful to look at your teamwork, superiors or common work issues from aside. This will help you in your work with colleagues and bosses.

Course structure

Our courses are divided into three parts:
  • Theory lectures covering the main aspects of managerial work;
  • Tests upon finishing every lecture so you can see how you’re doing with the material. Our tests will help you to fully understand the lecture. There is also a final test on all the topics learnt during the course;
  • Cases deconstruction at the end of the course so you can learn the topic in depth. In our cases we gather the most popular issues most of the Team Leads face. Depending on your Plan you can work on these cases independently, look at our case deconstruction with thorough explanation or deconstruct a case by yourself then get a feedback from your mentor and look at our solution.
We advice to take a course step-by-step, looking at theory and taking tests after every lesson. Follow all that with case decomposition at the end.



Your work evaluation

Here we are going to cover what issues a junior manager can have in terms of self-evaluation. We will help you to work out the right pre-sets and choose correct aims and tasks.

You’ve become a Team Lead of a another team

We are going to cover what to do if you are appointed as a Team Lead to another team that was gathered before you came and worked independently ever since. We will tell you what you need to begin with and how to behave.

You’ve become a Team Lead of your team

In this class we are going to talk about what to do if you’ve become a Team Lead of your team (when previously you were just a tech specialist). How to build new relationships with former fellows and establish yourself as a leader.


We are going to look into the core of 1:1 synchs with your subordinates. You’ll find out how to transform this meeting into an important people management tool.


We are going to talk about the importance of delegation. You will learn how to practice it and clean out your schedule for other responsibilities.

Rumors, news and promises

We will talk about how to manage rumors and pass the information to people. We will discuss the pitfalls and how to avoid them. Together we will look into the cases when rumors can destroy work spirit in your team and be the reasons for your employee to change job.

Team building

How to use this tool and not transfer team building into a big mess. We are going to cover the main rules.


Your relationships with employees start to evolve from the very first days of your work together. How can we not loose contact and make an onboarding process efficient?

Working with junior employees

Hiring junior tech specialists is a good way of growing devoted employees. However, it is also a huge responsibility. The right start of working process is very important. We will talk about how to make your efforts and investments into these employees viable.


Case #1

Case #2

Case #3

Learn with the best

Aleksandra Shalamova

Founder, author, illustrator and developer
Experience: more than 10 years in IT.
Worked at Yandex, HeadHunter, Lazada, Avito.

Maria Maleeva

Author, language assistant, external consultant.
Experience: more than 5 years in IT and 3 years in IT HR.
Currently working at PJSC “VTB”.
Previous work experience includes DomClick, Cognitive Technologies and Policy Media Project (LSE).

Maxim Shalamov

External Consultant
Experience: more than 10 years in IT and 6 years in managing position.
Currently working as Executive Director at PJSC “Sberbank”.
Previous work experience includes working at startups and major companies such as Rambler&Co and Sberbank.

Eugeny Golovachev

External Consultant
Currently working as Projects Management Director at PJSC “VTB”.
Previous work experience includes managing support and IT departments at “Home Credit” Bank, “MDM” Bank, “Otkritie” Bank, PJSC “Sberbank” and DomClick


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