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"Agile in practice" course

Agile in practice
We are ready to present you our new course “Agile in practice”. Here we are not going to look at the theory of agile only. We will talk about how to implement this theory into teamwork and what issues this implementation may cause (and how to clear the things out afterwards). After taking this course you are going to know how this methodology works, how to implement it and how to help your colleagues and subordinates to understand the basics of Agile. You will also find out how to perform efficiently using this methodology.

What’s inside the course?

The course is divided into 4 units:
  • Theory of Agile;
  • Implementing Agile into a team;
  • Looking into the major issues while implementing the theory;
  • Working with metrics and deviation.

Who is this course for?

Our course “Agile in practice” is for all the participants of the development process. Here we are going to mention some of them.
Junior and practicing Team Leads can find out the basics of development processes management in a team. They decide which team meetings should be held, what roles should be split, how to work on tasks and what difficulties there may be, how to fix them and so on.
Developers and lead developers are going to benefit from this course as well. Especially the knowledge of what meetings to take working in Agile and how to prepare for them. There will also be information on the team processes, how to work with the tasks and what is their role in overall workflow.
The course “Agile in practice” is going to be especially useful for scrum masters. It will teach them not only the theoretic part but also the practical implementation and how to help the team in order for them to understand what is needed from them and how to contribute to the process. It will show how to hold meetings and why we need them in practice, which theoretic parts are difficult to implement and what to do with that.

What is so special about this course?

The course is made by the leaders and developers and is based on years of experience of working in different teams. The founders have worked through all the major issues linked with Agile implementation and its peculiarities. We want not only to teach you the theory of Agile, but also to give you the practical knowledge of how to easily use this methodology in your everyday work. We will teach you to use it with attention to your team’s needs and character.

Learn with the best

Aleksandra Shalamova

Founder, author, illustrator and developer
Experience: more than 10 years in IT.
Worked at Yandex, HeadHunter, Lazada, Avito.

Maria Maleeva

Author, language assistant, external consultant.
Experience: more than 5 years in IT and 3 years in IT HR.
Currently working at PJSC “VTB”.
Previous work experience includes DomClick, Cognitive Technologies and Policy Media Project (LSE).

Maxim Shalamov

External Consultant
Experience: more than 10 years in IT and 6 years in managing position.
Currently working as Executive Director at PJSC “Sberbank”.
Previous work experience includes working at startups and major companies such as Rambler&Co and Sberbank.

Eugeny Golovachev

External Consultant
Currently working as Projects Management Director at PJSC “VTB”.
Previous work experience includes managing support and IT departments at “Home Credit” Bank, “MDM” Bank, “Otkritie” Bank, PJSC “Sberbank” and DomClick


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