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Team Lead’s qualities: Confidence

Aleksandra Shalamova
07-28-2020 11:34
Team Lead’s qualities: Confidence
In this article we are going to start talking about Team Lead’s crucial qualities. Firstly, I need to tell you that the way Team Lead behaves influences the whole team. The leader is the team’s mood compass. If a leader is on edge, he/she is going to push the whole team there. When a leader does not believe in release’s success, the team wouldn’t be motivated either. In case a leader doesn’t like certain colleague, the team won’t like them as well. Clearly these rules work only if you are a true leader of a team, the person everyone accepts. However, it should be your objective since you’re reading our blog. The leader’s influence on the team shouldn’t be underestimated. So, you need to control yourself first, in order to manage your team.


The confidence is a quality every leader needs. Let’s look at the examples when the lack of confidence may jeopardize your whole work and your team.

Confidence and communications

Managerial work depends on communications. You are going to spend a lot of time on that (and sometimes the talks are not going to be easy). Most of the time your team’s success and health are going to rely on it. One of the examples is getting something - be it servers, extra vacancies, promotions, deadlines, completing dependency tasks (when talking about other departments) and so on. If your indecisiveness is vivid, it is going to ruin the whole team and your project. If you won’t persuade your boss to promote one of your employees, he/she may leave. If you don’t stand your ground in ordering server’s configuration you need, your project will work poorly. If you don’t defend the deadlines you are really going to depend on, you won’t make it on time or your team is going to burn out trying to meet the objective. You need to be confident, as you are the support, source and defender of your team, especially when it comes to external communications. Otherwise you’re going to let your team down.
Confidence is also not the least thing when we talk about communication with your team. You need to let people know when they are wrong. If you hesitate, your employee is not going to understand you or won’t realize there is any problem at all. You need to solve conflicts among your employees, get out of controversial situations and have the last word if people can’t come to a compromise. To do all that you need a lot of confidence in your decisions. You are also going to recruit new team members and deny unsuitable candidates. Making a wrong choice out of indecisiveness is going to cost you a lot in the future.

Confidence and create a development path for your employees

Sometimes, the lack of confidence in yourself makes you more competitive with your employees - you may try always win. Sometimes, it even makes people hire weaker employees to feel better about themselves. You should understand that you can’t be better than everyone in your team technical-wise. If it turns out to be true – it means you are bad a hiring people. You need to gather professionals, thus, it’s okay for them to be better than you at some point. Your job is to make your team work and create a development path for your employees. This idea should be your priority. Your responsibility is to superior this skill in order to be the best. You are going to fall behind with your tech skills at some point and it’s just fine. Surely, you need to try keeping them on point. However, you can’t be an effective leader and a productive IT specialist at the same time. Don’t blame yourself if it doesn’t happen.

Confidence and feedback receiving

Often enough insecure bosses can’t be attentive to feedback or response abruptly to any comments towards them or their ideas. This path is going to lead you to the loss of openness between you and your employees. In this case you are not going to know if something worries or distracts your team or what problems your employees may have. Lose a connection with your team because of lack of confidence is easy. It’s going to take a lot of time and effort to restore it later. Meanwhile the quality of your team’s work is going to suffer.


There are a lot of examples of how self-confidence is going to help you. You need to remember that if hesitancy makes you under-perform, at some point the whole team is going to be buried below the bulk of problems. That will make you even more hesitant. To sum up – you need to develop confidence in order to be a good leader.
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