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How to enter into Robotics

Maksim Shalamov
12-21-2020 13:58
How to enter into Robotics


I think a lot of people would like to create robots. Even if they don’t see it as a profession, it may become a hobby or entertainment. I personally have always been fascinated by this topic and even have tried Arduin and Rasberry Pi. However, it hasn’t kicked off. Even though there are some DIY sets for robots production, the entry requirements are quite high. As for me, the majority of solutions there are out there have a few downsides. Either the threshold is quite high, or your capabilities afterwards are limited.

Jetson Nano

What’s changed now? I’ve discovered Nvidia’s Jetson Nano. The main advantage for me is the ability to start Ubuntu – its capacity is enough to train some basic neural networks in a few minutes. Then you can buy a Jetbot in addition. There are also a lot of samples to ease your entry frustration. You will be able to build your own robot and train it to ride the track and move around obstacles in one night. It’s not so bad for the beginners, right? The most important is that the examples have elaborate explanation for you to learn quicker.

Courses and certificates

Nvidia has moved further. They launched a course on how to work with Jetson. You can even receive a certificate of a specialist or an ambassador afterwards. Apart from the course there is a huge collection of ready-made solutions with the source-code, which some other fellow students have made.
If you really like this topic and want to go even deeper, I’ve found a fantastic course (I even take it myself). Highly recommendable!


In conclusion I would like to mention that the entry requirements into amateur robotics are quite doable and vast right now. The main points are to have both time and wish to get into it. Considering all these, you will find a suitable option for you.
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