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About us

The IT Leader Assistant project has brought together professionals with many years of experience in top Tech companies. All these years we have been collecting expertise, making mistakes, going through difficulties, in order to gather all this valuable information for you and make your path to success easier and faster. We will show you what we would have liked to know at the beginning of our journeys. We hope it will help you to fast forward your career. We will give you techniques that will definitely work, since we ourselves apply them in our daily practice.

Maxim Shalamov

Author, developer, consultant
Experience: more than 10 years in IT and 6 years in managing position.
Currently working as Technical Director at TASS.
Previous work experience includes working at startups and major companies such as Rambler&Co and Sberbank.

Aleksandra Shalamova

Founder, author, illustrator and developer
Experience: more than 10 years in IT.
Worked at Yandex, HeadHunter, Lazada, Avito.

Maria Maleeva

Author, language assistant, external consultant.
Experience: more than 5 years in IT and 3 years in IT HR.
Currently working at PJSC “VTB”.
Previous work experience includes DomClick, Cognitive Technologies and Policy Media Project (LSE).

Eugeny Golovachev

External Consultant
Currently working as Projects Management Director at PJSC “VTB”.
Previous work experience includes managing support and IT departments at “Home Credit” Bank, “MDM” Bank, “Otkritie” Bank, PJSC “Sberbank” and DomClick


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